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Von Payne Black

“A New Riff on an Old Tradition” is the tag line from New Riff Distilling as we delve into not one but two of these beautiful gradiated bottles. The Bottle in Bond and the Single Barrel Barrel Proof. We get into a little of the history of how they started. From small liquor store, to a mega liquor warehouse, then distillery. Find out how a fresh bowl of chicken noodle soup come into tA bottle was beckoning me sitting high up it’s shelf. The perched gargoyle watched as I went aisle to aisle searching for whiskey. Each bottle I touched would not suffice for this bottle of Von Payne Black Whiskey was destined to be my purchase… for I am the Whiskey Hunter! Found out that this whiskey is infused with Black Currant, don’t know what that is, either did we. It’s an illegal berry that made it into this delicious whiskey and it came out this January right in our home state of Florida. We put it through our tasting process and see how it holds up. The man behind this sexy bottle is Steve Allen plus it comes with a patented gargoyle pourer that you can seal back up. We had a lot of fun with this one and really embraced the Payne!

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