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Laws Whiskey with Chad Wilkes, part 1

From our Whiskey Wine and Wildlife #whiskeyventure we met Chad from Laws Whiskey House and we convinced him to hang with us and bring some bottles. That he did! We get to learn more about laws, drink whiskey and have a good time, such a good time that here is a part1 and part 2. Laws is all about no shortcuts, they only make whiskey out there in Denver, Colorado. No gin, no vodka, only whiskey. That is saying something. As Chad says, they are full ass, they don’t half ass anything! They are seed to glass, all of the grains they use is sourced from in their state, again no shortcuts. This gives Laws a unique characteristic, so what you’re getting is distinctly Colorado whiskey. No sourcing here ladies and gents. Plus, Chad has a bottle of their Centennial Wheat, not a wheated bourbon, it’s a 100% wheat whiskey, definitely different! Nothing to compare it to. Watch the video to hear about Origins X and a super limited 8 year bonded that will be coming out soon.

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