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Chattanooga Single Barrels Whiskies

We get together with Florida Rep Chris Helmly for another round only this time it is with two special bottles of Chattanooga Whiskey. The 1816 Single Barrel aged 11 years at 111.2 proof was a limited release of their MGP offering that was picked up at the experimental distillery tour last year. This has a flavor all it’s own and you can taste high percentage of rye on the finish. The second bottle is Chattanooga’s first ever barrel 91 Tennessee High Malt Single Barrel Store Pick(their own distillate). Coming in at 118 proof! We also get a chance to check out the Chattanooga Whiskey single barrel selection kit. Chris gives us a break down on the selection process complete with a tasting chart and grain examples. For a 118 proof, it goes down smooth with an abundance of flavor as Chris says that’s what Chattanooga is after with their caramel malts and seven day fermentation process. Erik hits it right on the head, “Chattanooga just does it right”. We were impressed with the 91 and 111, the 1816 was good but we’d agree that the 91 Single Barrel store pick was just plain awesome giving it the highest score to date. Check out the review below, pick up a bottle and let us know what you think!

Check us out on their press page!

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