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Bicentennial Jack Daniel’s

On June 1796, President George Washington signed a bill granting statehood to Tennessee. In 1866 Jack(Jasper Newton) Daniel registered the first distillery in America. In 1896 he bottled Jack Daniel’s Centennial in celebration of Tennessee’s 100th birthday in a special decanter that he designed himself and due to the time it took to craft the unique twisted glass shape few were made. For Tennessee’s bicentennial Jack Daniel’s (now owned by Brown-Forman) bottled a Jack Daniel’s Bicentennial Whiskey at 96 proof in a very similar decanter. The highest proof bottling at that time. Now you have Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select both at 100 proof! The Bicentennial was a limited bottling that was sold in 1995 and can now only be found on the secondary market for 400 to 600 dollars.

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