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Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey with Darryl McNally and Ingrid

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

This #whiskeyventure we headed down to Forward/Slash Distillery in Orlando, FL where we met Ingrid from Whistlepig and CEO/Master Distiller Darryl McNally from Limavady Irish Whiskey. What an experience! Darryl is one of 3 Master Distillers in Ireland, born and bred in Limavady which had a distillery from 1750 to 1910. To say it's in his blood is an understatement. In this interview find out all about Limavady Irish Whiskey, how he came up with it, how it's made, how Limavady got it's name and how he's brought single malt kicking and screaming into the present. Find out about the FBI guys, partnering with Whistlepig, and of course great Irish stories. Plus, you have to hear the Irish toasts! *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* - Limavady and Whistlepig have partnered with us to give all the #WhiskeyKrew 10% off your purchase of Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey AND Whistlepig Piggyback 100% Rye, Piggyback 100 proof Bourbon PLUS Small batch Rye Aged 10yrs and Old World Rye aged 12years by going to: and

Use discount code: WHISKEYHAMMOCK

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