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Laws Whiskey with Chad Wilkes, part 2 the Ryes!

From our Whiskey Wine and Wildlife #whiskeyventure we met Chad from Laws Whiskey House and we convinced him to hang with us and bring some bottles. That he did! We get to learn more about laws, drink whiskey and have a good time, such a good time that here is a part1 and part 2. Laws is all about no shortcuts, they only make whiskey out there in Denver, Colorado. No In part 2 we get into the Ryes! Like Chad says, all their grains come from Colorado so the rye comes from the San Luis Valley. Unlike others it’s a 100% rye with 50% malted and 50% raw. Right off the nose it is different from any other rye whiskey out there. Then we move on the the award winning bonded rye, simply delicious. We also learn that Laws does not have just one master distiller, whoever is on the floor that day is the master distiller, what other distillery does that? Chad says they have wizards and mad scientists working back there and we agree! Lastly Chad breaks out the casks, a true representation of what they do. They definitely bring the heat but so good. This is where a cube or two comes in to play. Did we mention a giveaway? Huge thanks to Chad for coming down and letting us drink all of Laws whiskey and we even get our very own Whiskey and a Hammock bottle! Watch the review, let us know what you think.

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