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Laws Whiskey House *GIVEAWAY*

If you watched our marathon 7 bottle, 2 part review of Laws Whiskey you know we teased about a giveaway. Here it is, Chad brought some sweet swag that you can get and don’t pitch a fit: 1 Laws t-shirt, 2 Laws rocks glasses, 1 Laws Richardson low-pro 115 trucker hat and something to put in those Laws rock glasses. A Laws tasting kit that Chad was talking about. Complete with 4-100ml bottles. Their Four Grain Straight Bourbon, San Luis Valley Straight Rye, Centennial Straight Wheat and Henry Road Straight Malt! Enter now for your chance to bathe your taste buds in whiskey and all the Laws Whiskey House swag!

Whiskey Krew members, this is your first perk. Comment on FB or IG and get 10 ENTRIES!

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