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Iron Smoke Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Time to raise your fist to to whiskey and rock! We become bad-ass whiskey soaked scoundrels as we opened this New York based bourbon coming in at 80 proof, aged 3 years with just a whisper of apple smoked wheat goodness. Before the review I was able to have a quick jaw session with CEO, founder and rocker Tommy Brunett as well as giving a what’s up to Drew Wescott Iron Smoke’s master distiller. They are one of those hard working, everything done on site from smoking the wheat with apple wood to crushing the grains in their own hammer mill and distilling their own spirits. All this takes place right outside of Rochester NY in Fairport along side the Erie Canal in a building that was know as the American Can Factory that dates back to the Civil War. Not only is it a distillery where they store apple smoked juice in 30 gallon barrels to speed up the aging process they also have a 4,000 square foot tasting room, event space and stage where you’ll see Tommy and his band belt out some killer whiskey drinking music. Punch my ticket, I’m heading to NY!

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