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Distilling Hand Sanitizer

Distilleries all across America, actually the world are stepping up to help in this time of crisis. With hand sanitizer flying off shelves and it becoming as scarce as a bottle of Pappy, some people have stepped up. Distilleries have parts of the distillate that can’t be used for consuming but they can be used for cleaning or cleaning hands. It’s not as easy as you think. There are laws and restrictions in place that make it difficult to produce. Luckily the government, specifically the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau actually waived parts of the law, particularly the part where they had to obtain permits or bonds to create hand sanitizer. This doesn’t mean that the distilleries knew how to make it. They had to get together with each other, watch webinars and consult online guides in order to make this stuff. Is does have to be at least 120 proof or 60% alcohol. We don’t recommend drinking it( just tastes awful) but it does well in killing germs, like covid-19. There has been some talk that you can even make your own whiskey into hand sanitizer as long as it’s 120 proof or more but who would do that? Here are just a few of the good people that jumping into the fray. Brown Froman, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, Rabbit Hole Distillery, St. Augustine Distillery, Proof Artisan Distillery, Jameson, Carve Vodka, Heaven Hill, just to name a few. A great quote from Matthew Bagdanovich from Fish Hawk Spirits in Ocala FL said “You’d have to be a jerk not to lend a hand if you’ve got the ability to lend a hand”. Love that. Another good quote comes from Bill Thomas, owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon said “And this is absolutely proof that the whiskey drinker is the best kind of human being on the planet”. That kind of says it all. So, we here at Whiskey and a Hammock raise our glass to all that are doing what they can to help.

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