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Chattanooga Whiskey, Whiskey to the People

For the news this month we figure that we’d give you the low down on Chatt Whiskey. First off, they are the first distillery in Chattanooga in over 100 years! So what we are dealing with here is Tennessee High Malt, 75% yellow corn, the rest is Malted Rye, Caramel Malted Barley, and Honey Malted Barley then aged for 2 years. Same mash bill for the 91 and 111, single fermentation with 4 barrels at #3 char and toast and 4 barrels with a #4 char and then mix them together. The big difference, is that the 91 goes into a 4000 gallon solera barrel that has a #1 char to it. They are a whiskey from Tennessee but not a “Tennessee Whiskey” the difference is no charcoal filtering.

Plus they have an experimental distillery(the only one in the states to our knowledge) where other distilleries play with 20-30 malts or barleys a year, not Chattanooga. They play with over 100! With this experimental distillery they can try things out and make small runs and see how they turn out. For instance they came out with a maple bourbon and a mead flavored bourbon(no, we didn’t get to try those). The drawback, these can only be found at their distillery. If you make drive, take their distillery tour. I did and it was awesome! Lots of great information, see their aging cellar and at the end enjoy a flight of what they got and maybe a bourbon forward drink to. Thanks again to Chris Helmly the Florida State Sales Manager from Chatt Whiskey for taking the time to talk whiskey! Check out all three videos below.

check them out here:

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