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Caribou is Crossing in this Review

Hey there! Just a little change of scenery this time, shooting from Atlanta, GA with a gorgeous fall backdrop! So, we've got a bottle of Caribou Crossing from Montreal Distillery, made from over 200,000 selected barrels for this single barrel (not quite sure how that works, but hey, let's roll with it).

We decided to sample this whisky that's supposed to reinvent Canadian Whisky. Oh, and I also brought along some Blanton's since both are produced for the Sazerac Company, and we did a little side by side comparison. Didn't know what to expect, but we popped open the Caribou and it was pretty interesting. Check out the video to see our thoughts.

We had two very different tasting notes, but we both agreed on the outcome. To wrap it up, we tasted the Blanton's, and it definitely didn't disappoint!

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