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1350 Distillery Tour

We had the chance to visit Colorado Springs and take a tour of 1350 Distillery with owner and distiller Phil Bragg. Everything from how their one of a kind Minute Man vodka is made from Colorado Sugar Beets to Wingman Gin with it’s special ingredient. Then on to Blue Jacket Rum, 1880 style. The custom made, steam injection brass military round looking still is worth the price of admission. People have been known to kiss this beautiful still(I won’t say who) that makes all these wonderful spirits. Lastly, the whiskey room. We get to sample all of their available whiskies. The Guardian Bourbon, Leatherneck(rye) Whiskey, Code Four Bourbon(barrel strength), and the 5 Alarm Cinnamon Bourbon that is amazing. Of course there is a full bar with signature cocktails. We had a great time, definitely recommend the tour in beautiful Colorado Springs. Coming up next, we get to do a quick interview with Phil Bragg.

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