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Where is your whiskey really from?

With the whiskey/bourbon boom it seems that some of those brands out there aren’t giving us the truth. The number of distilleries has gone from 100 to 1400 in the last ten years which means that obviously demand has gone crazy. Well… this being an aged deal, it takes a minute for it to mature and be ready. A short cut many of these brands are using is sourcing it from MGP(Midwest Grain Products). This in itself really isn’t the problem. The problem lies with some of these brands coming out with a great marketing story only to find out it’s false. Come to find out that people don’t like being lied to. Now some brands come right out and say it, that either they don’t distill it themselves or are using this as a starter. It comes down to if it’s good whiskey we’ll give it go but don’t tell us that it comes from some mystical water source or some secret recipe that was found it a collapsed mine. Nobody likes to find out that they’ve been drinking horse pucky.

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